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Homes for Sale in Palm City FL

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Homes for Sale in Palm City FL

Are you looking for a home with a spacious family room and a screened pool in the backyard, located in a peaceful community with access to good schools? If you do, then you might want to consider buying a property in Palm City, FL.

A coastal town in Martin County, Florida, Palm City is part of the Port St. Lucie metropolitan area and is the 115th largest community in the state. If you are buying a home in Florida, this city is a great place for you to consider not just because of its low crime rate and access to good schools but also because of the quality of properties that you can find here. It has just about everything that families look for when choosing a good location for their new home.

Palm City FL Homes- Call Melissa Conrad at 772-240-2589 and buy your Palm City home today!


Palm City has a population of at least 24,000 and is predominantly a white-collar town. If you live in the city, you will find that most of its residents hold a bachelor’s degree and work as office workers, managers and professionals.

Most of the residents of Palm City are into sales jobs, administrative support and management occupations. At least 8% of its population are workers from home, telecommuting or operating their own businesses. People living here also come from a variety of racial and ethnic groups, ranging from Asians, Americans, to Chinese and Italians.


One of the things that make Palm City a great place to buy a home is its neighborhood. Living in this city in Florida will give you access to some of the most popular attractions in and around the vicinity, including the Charter Club at Martin Downs, Sandhill Cove, Hammock Creek, Cleveland, Crane Creek, Palm Heights and the Whispering Sound.

Palm City is also known for being a nautical city because several parts of it touch the ocean and other bodies of water, including inlets and bays. These places serve as some of Palm City’s major attractions. Locals and residents from other areas of Florida like Stuart and Jensen Beach visit the city for waterfront activities and picturesque sceneries.


Another great feature of Palm City that makes it a family-friendly city is its educational system. This city is a good community to raise children because of the A-rated schools in it. The educational level of Palm City is among the highest in America, and that basically explains why most of its locals are well-educated professionals.

Homes in Palm City

Homes for sale in Palm City FL are one of the hottest in Florida and have a median listing price of $399,000. They include condominiums, townhouses, single-family and multi-family units.

Home ownership rate in Palm City is high, especially when it comes to single-family properties that feature summer kitchens and spacious family rooms for entertaining guests. Most single-family homes in the city also have screened pools for added safety and convenience.

All things considered, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy a home in Palm City FL. Since homes for sale in the city do not stay for long on the market, you might want to consider making the decision to buy today.

If you need help with choosing the right property for you, contact me today at 772-240-2589! I am Melissa Conrad, Palm City’s top Realtor. I will guide you through the entire home buying process until you get the property of your dreams!

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Investing In Sunny Florida Beach Property

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Investing In Sunny Florida Beach Property

Investing In Florida Beach Property

Florida has long been hailed as a great place for real estate investors. The lack of taxation on personal income greatly increases the profitability of holding these properties in boom times. It also hedges against the burden of holding these titles in recessions. You only need to take care if you are buying these properties through a corporate structure.

When you invest in property as a sole proprietor or ordinary home buyer, you are essentially set for smooth sailing. This is true unless you have residency in another state that may count the income. Always consult with a tax specialist, just to be safe.

There are additional benefits if you choose to become a verified resident of Florida: no state death tax, homestead creditor protection, expansive tenancy by the entirety, homestead exemptions; and the protection of assets, life insurance, IRAs, and annuities. These protections are legal abstractions that require a bit of skill and training to fully understand. This is why Florida is also the home to many top wealth strategists, estate planning gurus, and tax advisers. They can help you maximize your investments and protect your purchases.

The hardest part of becoming a full-fledged Florida resident is cutting off your ties to your former state of residence. If you any streams of income or investments there, you must demonstrate that you no longer live there and should not be taxed.

Panama City Beach, FL is a really booming real estate market for investors. It may, in fact, be the best place to purchase a rental property in the entire nation. This is because the weather is idyllic all year and the rental properties are relatively cheap to purchase. When you consider the latest trends in vacation rentals, you can earn as much as $40,000 annually on AirBnB and similar online vacation booking apps.

Home selling can happen anywhere in the country and receive little growth for your time and investment. When you target a key segment of the vacation app market, you are building a large revenue stream overnight with little to no work. The snowbirds that fly down to Florida every summer are also looking for beautiful well-accommodated private abodes to relax in. Hotels themselves have become relatively passe. The trend is moving rapidly toward having all of the conveniences of home when you are on vacation.

You can buy a home anywhere in the country and run an AirBnB-style rental. But, when you have premium beachfront property, you are more likely to haul in the big bucks. There is more and more competition every day as the AirBnB business model grows. If there is one trend to invest in, this is it. If you can capitalize on it with boardwalk property, then you are winning the Monopoly game.

Florida is known for awesome weather. The rain falls down in warm buckets, hot enough to shower in. Then, before you can pull out the umbrella, the water vanishes, sucked back up into the atmosphere. The tropical storms here are something that you can use as a point of negotiation when searching for the best deal on a property. Recent studies show that the duration of hurricanes retaining their structure over land is increasing. Florida has historically been hit with multiple hurricanes every year. When you consider the potential to lose your home overnight due to a bad storm, there is certainly reason to be nervous about holding on to unkempt properties.

Florida’s subsidized homeowners’ insurance structure has the potential to collapse virtually overnight if the number of claims ever grows to the point of toppling the assets and revenue. Right now, the fund is well endowed to settle any claims. The number of privately-held insurance policies is still higher in Florida than in other Gulf Coast regions with similar programs. This reflects the fear of many homeowners of catastrophic loss, should the program’s success prove itself inadequate for Mother Nature.

What the market relies upon at this moment is a false peace that the current measures in place are sufficient to weather the storm. This is the same type of mindset that infected New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina battered the city. As a smart investor, you will likely be able to invest a great deal into your Florida property to reinforce it for hurricanes. The building quality has diminished in recent years. Other properties are aging and becoming less capable of holding up to the stronger storms scientists are predicting.

You will be able to obtain much lower insurance rate quotes if you are able to prove that your home is reinforced to off-set storm damage. With all of these in’s and out’s in mind, it is important to be optimistic and to carefully consider how each property will retain itself in any event. Having a good Realtor and some profound understanding of the factors trending today will make you poised for smart decisions tomorrow.

Source: Realty Times

How to Plan Your Home Garage Space?

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How to Plan Your Home Garage Space?

You would not want your favorite vehicle to be parked outside your home because there are many risks associated with it. Not only can your vehicle gets stolen but the bad weather can heavily damage your car. Whether you live in a heavy snowfall prone area or the winds blow more than the average speed your car is at risk if you park it outside. Not only weather is a problem but thieves are a big issue also as burglars have become smart enough to unlock any car lock. So if you worry how you can safeguard your car from the outdoor risks it is better that you think about planning your garage space so that you not only park your car with a sense of safety but you need not to spend much on the maintenance also because bad weather can damage your car over a period of time.

So how to plan the garage space in your home? Well it’s not a rocket science as you can very easily find many designs of home garage on the internet. But if you think you can yourself plan the garage space then there are few things to keep in mind that are very necessary:

Dimensions of the Garage: The height, length and breadth of garage is an important parameter that you must not overlook in any circumstance. The overall dimension of the garage should be such that not only you can get out of your vehicle easily but there is enough space around your vehicle so that you can walk around freely. This is because this extra space is often used to inspect vehicle before going out. The garage must also have space to keep the spare parts of the vehicle and must have space for the tools as you would not want to replace a flat tire outside or fill the coolant outdoors.

Garage Door: This is one aspect that most people don’t pay attention to. Though after parking your vehicle inside the garage the chances of it getting stolen is minimized but there are other factors because of which you must pay attention to the door type. Your garage door must be such that it don’t let the dust and debris come inside because these element settle down on vehicle parts and deteriorate them over the course of time. The garage door must have strong door and if your budget allows you then you can have an electronic lock installed on your garage door.

Lights and Indoor Door: Your garage must have proper lighting at place and must have a switch outside also. This will let you light up your garage before opening the door. Beside this there should be a broad indoor door so that you can enter your home without any hassle. The broad door will let you carry anything big in size inside your home without have to go through the main entrance door.

Your garage must have ample of space, light and broad indoor door and must not be filled with useless things. If you have the budget you can even consult an interior designer but even if you don’t you can opt for car title loans San Diego to arrange money to build a garage space you always wanted to.

Source: Realty Times

Southcreek Englewood Townhomes For Sale

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Southcreek Englewood Townhomes For Sale

We are constantly watching the housing market in Southcreek Englewood Townhomes. The number of Englewood Townhomes active and on the market remains lower than the current demand from Buyers. One of clients is preparing to make on offer on a home in the area, and we prepared this statistical report for them. We though it may help some of you as well.

Here are some of the Market Highlights:

  • Right now, there are 4 active Southcreek Townhomes on the market.
  • Right now, there are 29 active Englewood Townhomes on the market.
  • There are 8 under contract Southcreek Townhomes on the market.
  • There are 53 under contract Englewood Townhomes on the market.
  • There are 0 Englewood foreclosures on the market.
  • Average prices increased $11,011.00 over the last year from $301,969 to $312,980.

A quick glance at these statistics shows that home prices in Southcreek Englewood continue to rise year-over-year. Hopefully, this trend continues.

While this is a wide overview of the market, we can create a more focused, personalized report for you. If you would like our team to complete a detailed market review for your neighborhood. Just give us a call at 303-726-1874.

Englewood Townhomes Current Market Activity

Englewood Townhomes for sale
Englewood Townhomes for sale
0 0
Active Townhomes Under Contract
Under Contract

Southcreek Englewood Sold Townhomes
(Past 3 Years)

Sold Englewood Townhomes 2016
Sold Prices Englewood Townhomes 2016
Sold Englewood Townhomes 2017
Sold Prices Englewood Townhomes 2017
Sold Englewood Townhomes 2018
Sold Prices Englewood Townhomes 2018 for sale
Average Price
Average Price
Average Price

Southcreek Englewood Sold Home Data By Month
(Past 5 Years)

Year January February March April May June July August September October November December
2017 3 4 5 5 7 8 5 5 7 6 5 6
2016 5 12 4 11 5 7 10 9 6 9 8 3
2015 5 1 6 10 8 9 13 8 5 3 5 6
2014 5 3 7 1 13 9 7 15 8 7 2 6
2013 1 3 8 7 12 9 17 8 12 7 2 13

Recent Sold Southcreek Englewood Townhomes*:

This is a list of the most recent sold Townhomes. Visit our website for a complete list of all Sold Southcreek Englewood Townhomes.

Address Sqft Beds Baths Price Close Date
16234 East Otero Avenue 1400 3 3 $310,000 2018-04-16
7840 South Kittredge Circle 1400 3 2 $310,000 2018-05-11
7891 South Kittredge Circle 1240 3 2 $292,500 2018-04-13
7992 South Kalispell Way 1488 3 2 $340,000 2018-03-30
16243 East Otero Avenue 1581 3 3 $345,000 2018-03-30
15972 East Nichols Avenue 1418 3 3 $340,000 2018-03-28
7929 South Kittredge Way 1640 3 3 $346,000 2018-03-23
7805 South Kalispell Court 1240 3 2 $293,000 2018-03-16
16293 East Otero Avenue 1488 3 3 $362,000 2018-03-15
7772 South Kittredge Court 1240 3 2 $290,000 2018-03-15

*This is list of the most recent sold homes for the Southcreek Englewood area. Not all homes were sold by The Brian Petrelli Team.

Based on information from REcolorado®, Inc. for the period 2013 through 2018 Note: This representation is based in whole or in part on content supplied by REcolorado®, Inc. REcolorado®, Inc. does not guarantee nor is it in any way responsible for its accuracy. Content maintained by REcolorado®, Inc. may not reflect all real estate activity in the market.

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Source: Realty Times

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