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Pros and Cons of Using a Tankless Water Heater

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Following a surge in energy-efficient and environment-friendly home accessories, people have switched to tankless water heaters for energy conservation purposes. Not only does this allow you to save up energy, but it also enables cost savings in the form of water heating expense that may now be minimized with the help of a tankless water heater.

According to research, water heating expenses eat up 30-40 percent of a home’s energy costs, which can now be saved and used elsewhere for an improved lifestyle. A tankless water heater operates such that water is heated as per your needs, unlike the conventional heating system that would heat up stored water, resulting in more wastage if the amount of hot water needed and heated differs significantly.

Listed below are some major pros and cons of a tankless water heater from the popular home improvement name in the market Homeluf. You must consider these factors before making such a hefty investment.


Instant Heating

Since the function of a tankless water heater is to provide hot water on demand, it works well as instant heating equipment during chilly winters. There is just enough hot water available for all family members to use for their daily showers and cleaning.

Frees Up Space

Traditional water heating equipment took up quite some space, which has been freed up following the ever-increasing use of tankless water heaters. A conventional water heater could hold up to 60 gallons of water, so imagine the space that it occupied.


As previously mentioned, the basis for inventing tankless water heater had been to save up on energy and heating costs. In addition to this being an energy-efficient choice, a tankless water heater is need-based equipment that offers long-term cost savings.

Long Lasting

A standard water heater has a lifespan of 10-13 years on average. A tankless water heater is long lasting with a lifespan of up to 20 years. This makes for another point where cost savings may be achieved by avoiding replacement costs for a new water heater.


Limited Output

Relative to a traditional water heater that can hold up to 60 gallons of hot water at particular time, a tankless water heater may not be able to provide hot water for several tasks at any given time. This is again a counter-argument for avoiding wastage of hot water but not a very strong one.

Initial Expenditure

Upfront costs are probably the biggest drawback of a tankless water heater as compared to their conventional counterparts. If a conventional water heater costs you around $500, a tankless water heater will trigger an initial investment worth $1000 or more. However, these may be translated into cost savings in the long term.

Electricity Cost

For an electric water heater, the electricity cost could be higher depending on the area you are living in since electricity charges differ on a unit basis in different areas. So, don’t be surprised if you incur higher electricity bills. This one is all on the tankless water heater!

Source: Realty Times

How to Make the Best of a Home Inspection

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A home inspection is a must more so when trying to look out for open house warning signs. It’s been proven to be a valuable home selling tool for sellers as well. The peace of mind that both buyers and sellers can get from knowing that they have a structurally sound and safe home is priceless. Below is the whole process of a home inspection along with tips on how you can get the best out of it.

Why Have A Home Inspection?

A home inspection can be of great benefit to a seller because it allows the seller to list the home for a higher value after all needed repairs have been made. A home without problems is easier and faster to sell because it is more attractive to buyers.

The main tip before going for a home inspection is to make sure to hire a professional home inspector with an impeccable track record. This can be done by researching home inspectors in your area and looking up what people say about them or by hiring a home inspector trusted by someone you know.

What to Do During the Home Inspection

The best case scenario is to be present during the home inspection so that the home inspector can point out possible problems in person and explain the options you have to address those issues. This will allow you to ask questions, take notes, take photographs, and learn about what things to check for when buying a home or making sure that a home is safe. Don’t hesitate to check each possible house issue to protect yourself from bigger problems down the road.

Why Recheck and Take Notes?

Once the home inspector leaves, be sure to go over the identified problems and take a closer look. This will help you with negotiating agreements no matter whether you’re the one selling or buying a home. Repairs take money and resources which can be added or deducted to the selling price depending on which party you are representing.

Review the Report

A home inspection report will give you a detailed list of problems identified by the home inspector. This list will help you decide which issues you think need immediate resolution or those that can wait. The report will help you compare with your own notes and give you a better picture of the repairs needed and their cost.

Discuss and Negotiate Repairs

If you’re the seller, you can choose to do the repairs needed and then list the home for a higher value or let them be and then offer the home for a slightly lowered price.

If you’re the buyer, you can ask for an asking price deduction that is equal to the estimated cost of repairs if you’re buying the home as-is. Another option is to suggest that the current owner get repairs done and then you buy it after a reinspection followingthe repairs. This would be best for very expensive repairs such as for changing the entire roof or replumbing the entire home.

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Source: Realty Times

Home Prices Hit a Record High

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Home buyers can expect to pay more for a home this summer. The median existing-home price for all housing types reached an all-time high in May at $264,800, according to the latest housing report released by the National Association of REALTORS®.

Source: Realtor.org

Five Unusual Home Extension Ideas

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In many municipalities in the world today, particularly large cities, moving house can be an expensive and a challenging situation. With property prices on the rise, and good propertes increasingly hard to come by, many homeowners are opting to add an extension to their existing home rather than look for a larger property when the need for more space arises.

Builder Dave Hunt from Touchstone Builders Oxford says there are many ways to convert your living space that won’t require you to take out a second mortgage. Typical extensions include a kitchen extension on the side of the house, a conservatory added to the rear of the house which is also known as an orangery, or a loft conversion which makes use of the unused space between the upper ceiling and the roof. Usually extensions will add a bedroom, a larger kitchen Ior a home office, but of course you can use the extra room in any way you like, such as a home cinema, fitness room or a personal man or woman cave. Depending on your regional regulations, you may or may not require planning permission, but always check before you start building an extension.

Here are some of my favourite ways that creative homeowners have made the most of the space available to them.

Two Level Loft Conversion

This lovely loft conversion makes use of all the available space by adding a separate level for clothes storage and other items. If you look at this design, you can see a minimum amount of money has been spent. although the end result is stunningly attractive.

Children’s Bedroom


Most lofts, even those with a really small amount of space and can be converted into an extra bedroom with a bathroom. But that is not always the case – this loft appears to be very small, but the homeowners have made the most of the available area making it into a cosy room for a child. It’s fun and bright, and the fitted bed has storage room incorporated into the base to make the most of the limited space.

Glass Conservatory


This creative London homeowner has taken the indoors outside by adding a glass conservatory which opens fully at the front. This is an excellent way of extending your indoor space and making use of your outdoor space all year round.

Two Storey Extension


Again in London, where space is at an absolute premium, this savvy homeowner has made the most of their back yard by installing a two story extension providing a dining room, an open plan kitchen, a bedroom and an office. The extension has many windows, making an indoor space that manages to communicate extremely well with the exterior.

Back Yard Extension


The unusual shape of this extension gives this London home an edgy modern look inside, while also fitting in with the traditional roof shapes of the area. It’s a great modern way to make use of a small backyard that would rarely be used in the winter time, while not eliminating the outside space entirely.

Adding a home extension like this to a property in a city where prices are high will add significant value to your property, as well as providing extra living space while you are occupying the house

Source: Realty Times

Five Fabulous Loft Conversion Ideas

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Five Fabulous Loft Conversion Ideas

Unlike in the United States, where the term “loft” conjures up images of a wide open living area incorporating the functions of many rooms in a single space, in the UK, loft is used interchangeably with “attic” and refers to the often unused space between the ceiling of a home’s upper room and the roof.

A UK loft is often used to store junk, unused items and even valuables. There have been many long forgotten valuable heirlooms discovered in lofts left by the finder’s parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents. However, these days due to the high cost of moving, a lack of suitable properties, and many offspring staying at home with their parents for much longer as it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a foot on the property ladder, more and more homeowners are opting for a loft conversion to create additional living space.

Paul Myers from Loft Conversions Oxford, says depending on the size of the loft and the type of roof, your loft conversion can take many forms. Generally speaking, unless you live in a conservation area, you don’t even need planning permission. You can make an extra room with hopefully enough space for a bathroom or in some cases even two extra rooms and a bathroom. You could choose to install a home office or a PC gaming room for the kids and their friends. Alternatively, you could do as the following imaginative homeowners have done and make your loft into something really special. The following are my top five favourite ideas for a loft conversion.

Home Cinema

This home cinema loft conversion makes use of the space in an ideal way for a film-loving family or people who like to entertain friends with a movie night. It could also double up as a fabulously luxurious guest room!

If you like entertaining, but are not so fond of the TV or movies, converting your loft into a bar could be the perfect solution. Unlike going to the local pub, the drinks are going to be as cheap as in your local supermarket, and there is no problem of planning how you will get home after a few of your favourite tipple.

home cinema


If you like entertaining, but are not so fond of the TV or movies, converting your loft into a bar could be the perfect solution. Unlike going to the local pub, the drinks are going to be as cheap as in your local supermarket, and there is no problem of planning how you will get home after a few of your favourite tipple.

loft conversion bar

Man Cave

For the man of the house, converting the loft into a man cave could be the ultimate fantasy. This man cave conversion features a full-size bar, a pool table, and for sure there is a large screen TV lurking at the back of the conversion for watching live matches at the weekend.

man cave loft

Fitness Room

Another excellent use for a loft that will please the female occupants of the house as much as the males, is to create a fitness room. Here are two examples of great fitness rooms that will undoubtedly save the occupants much time as they no longer have to commute to a gym, as well as money in gym memberships.

loft fitness

loft fitness2

Spa Room

Having your private spa to relax in whenever you are in the mood, sounds like a dream for most women, and it does not require a considerable investment. The ultimate in luxury, this loft converted into a spa room has a hot tub and an adjoining relaxation bed.

loft conversion spa

As you can see, there are many diverse ways to use the redundant attic space and make your home more functional, not only for your family but friends and visitors. It does require some investment, but the significant rise in property value will give you a very worthwhile ROI, along with increased enjoyment of your home.

Source: Realty Times

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