EasilyDo: Productivity App for Busy Agents

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Your smartphone has helped you manage day-to-day life as a real estate agent. You use it to stay connected with clients, map the fastest route to a listing, and research property values.

But you can also use it to stay on task and streamline your business.

The smartphone productivity app EasilyDo may be a time management solution to all the activity that clouds your day. Launched in December 2012, EasilyDo has evolved into a productivity app that consolidates and automates email, contacts and networking functions.

“We love our users, and we hope that we are saving them some time,” says Hetal Pandya, EasilyDo co-founder and vice president of marketing.

Like a virtual personal assistant, EasilyDo updates you on what’s happening in your network and suggests actions. For example, when a contact’s birthday pops up from Facebook, EasilyDo will suggest sending a birthday greeting within the app.

By mining your calendars, EasilyDo keeps you on task. It can remind you to wrap up your current showing, because you’ve got another one on the other side of town—and EasilyDo lets you know it’s a half hour away.

With its Traffic & Directions feature, EasilyDo also can tell you there’s a delay on the main road—and then suggest an alternate route.

What it offers real estate agents

Real estate professionals have found three EasilyDo features especially useful: contact management, email management and social updates.

Contact management: The EasilyDo contact management system mines your email accounts and automates the manual—and perhaps time-consuming—task of updating your smartphone contact list. And if you have duplicate entries, one with a client’s home and another with business info, it will offer to merge the information into one entry.

Email management: EasilyDo consolidates messages from various email accounts and lets users input specific criteria for email alerts, “so you don’t have to keep checking your email every five minutes,” Pandya says.

Social updates: Rather than spending up to an hour a day checking professional and social websites, EasilyDo consolidates status updates to display only those important updates like job changes and engagement announcements—those life changes that may ultimately result in a client requiring your services.

What Users/Experts Have To Say

This productivity app is a time saver. Check EasilyDo’s Twitter feed. It features dozens of unsolicited posts from early adopters, small business owners and evangelists raving about how much time and energy EasilyDo automation and consolidation features have saved them.

If you doubt it, the app also shows features a built-in counter that measures how much time it saved you.

How Much Does It Cost?

The basic version is free. A premium version of the productivity app that allows more advanced services is priced at $5 per month.

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