Market Snapshot® Mobile App: ‘Just Listed’ and ‘Just Sold’ Made Easy

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Market Snapshot®

Your clients are on the go and so are you. Shouldn’t your email marketing strategy keep up with the pace of business?

Market Snapshot® now offers a mobile app that provides revolutionary access to local market conditions right at your prospects fingertips straight from the MLS.

Best of all, it’s branded with your photo, your website, your company logo and your contact information. You stay top-of-mind as does your brand. And your prospects will have access to market updates at the speed of the market.

Keep in mind that accuracy matters: don’t let your clients speculate or guess about what a neighbor’s house sold for—instead provide them with personalized, accurate and relevant information consumers crave.

Don’t leave your sellers wondering about recent activity in their area of interest: provide them with relevant and contextual information. Sign up sellers, buyers and prospects, and they’ll get instant mobile friendly email alerts from you letting them know about “Just Sold” and “Just Listed” properties that match their search criteria.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 89% of home shoppers use their mobile phones to search listings. And you can brand yourself as the most reliable source of real estate data on that phone. When your clients are chatting with their friends about the market, they’ll be quoting your emails and market knowledge.

Market Snapshot® is automated content to anchor your prospecting and retention strategy while positioning you as the local real estate expert. It’s a far better value proposition than sending a postcard or flyer to each client in your database.

Utilizing MLS data from a live feed, Market Snapshot® delivers email notifications designed specifically for mobile devices. No websites to search for, no passwords to remember: it’s marketing on-the-fly that drives engagement, sparks a conversation, and promotes your value.

Control how your clients perceive the market and boost your reputation at the same time. By providing accurate, interactive, high-value information, you don’t have to waste time discrediting and re-educating buyers and sellers about falsehoods found on other real estate websites.

Learn more about Top Producer’s Market Snapshot® today!

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